Biophysical Chemistry

Retinal proteins (P. Hildebrandt)

In this project we are studying the photoinduced reaction cycles of microbial retinal proteins which function as photosensors or energy converters, in tight collaboration with P. Hegemann (HU Berlin). We mainly employ time-resolved resonance Raman spectroscopic techniques which are tailored according to the kinetic and photophysical properties of the target photoreceptors. In this respect, also methodological developments play an important role in this project. The studies are funded by the Einstein Foundation Berlin (Einstein Visiting Fellow Professor Katrina Forest) and the CRC1078.
Collaborations: HU Berlin: F. Bartl; P. Hegemann; Charité Berlin: P. Scheerer; Univ. Madison, USA: K. Forest; FMP Berlin: H. Oschkinat.