Starting in the winter term 2017/18 the doctoral students and Post-Docs of BIMoS have the chance to obtain certificates in the fields of

by taking courses from a certain portfolio. You can take a look at the selection list by clicking on the name of the corresponding certificate. For the successful completion of a certificate following conditions must be fulfilled:

  1. 30 credit points must be achieved to pass the certificate successfully. A maximum of two credit points can be awarded for the visit of BIMoS Days (minimum of two). A bonus credit point can be given for active participation in a discussion during the BIMoS Days.
  2. The final examination of the individual lectures and courses must be passed successfully.
  3. At least two courses of each area, theory and application must be taken.
  4. Courses that have been already successfully covered in the field of the Master's degree can be taken into account. For this purpose, a written application must be submitted to the BIMoS office.

If you need some further information or would like to register for a particular certificate, please contact BIMoS Office.