Research Projects by BIMoS Fellows

"Aeroelastic numerical investigation of pressure disturbances induced by pulsed detonation combustion in gas turbine axial compressors"- Victor Bicalho Civinelli de Almeida

"Modelling hydraulic properties of artificial soil-like substrates, made from wastes"- Moreen Willaredt (geb. Heiner)

"Compressed Sensing for Neuroimaging" - Ali Hashemi

"Modeling, control and simulation of coupled DC microgrids" - Lia Strenge

"Nonlinear dynamics of magnetic helicity in supersonic magnetohydrodynamic turbulence"- Jean-Mathieu Teissier

"Innovative multimodal methods of analysis and biosignal acquisition technology for mobile Human Machine Interfaces and brain research" - Alexander von Lühmann

“Improving solution strategies for high-dimensional stochastic PDFs with ML methods and rigorous numerical error bounds” - Philipp Trunschke

“Ein neuer Blick auf das Schließungsproblem der Turbulenzmodellierung mithilfe des Adjungiertenverfahrens” (A New Look at the Closure Problem of Turbulence Modeling Using the Adjusted Method) - Sophie Knechtel

“Systemidentifikation mit Loewner-Matrizen und iterative optimierter Anregung” (System identification with Loewner matrices and iterative optimized excitation) - Paul Schwerdtner

“Machine Learning Directed Prediction of Structure and Properties of Advanced Ceramic Materials” - Anthony Wang

“Data analytics for wind energy – advanced SCADA data analysis for optimized turbine operation and system integration” - Simon Letzgus

“Exploring network dynamics with machine learning” - Michael Lindner