Construction Economics and Construction Management

Ongoing projects

Completed projects

Overbuilding of railroad lines for the creation of living space

Project duration: 05.2021 to 11.2022

Preparation of a feasibility study for inner-city track superstructures with legal, economic and technical assesment of a pilot project in Hamburg

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‚Partnership model Digitale Schiene Deutschland‘ (DSD)

Project duration: 09.2021 to 12.2021 (extension optional)

Development of a model for integrated project management in the DSD project.

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Partnership model rail

Partnership-based project management for rail infrastructure

The PM-Rail means… 

  • a paradigm shift for the handling of complex rail infrastructure projects,
  • a sustainable change in the organizational and cooperation culture in the project,
  • a change in value creation and can be an innovation and effiency driver for the construction industry,
  • a necessity for exploiting the full potential of digitalzation.


Build faster with space cells – Hamburg-Steilshoop (variable apartments)

Project duration: 12.2017 to 03.2019

Monitoring of pilot projects in Hamburg and investigation of the degree of prefabrication.