Construction Economics and Construction Management

Teaching and Research Assistants

NameE-MailPhoneRoomContact Person for the ModulesProfile Page
Ivonne Halibrand, M.Sc.E-Mail+49 30 314-72394410Grundprojekt
Baubetrieb II
Profile page
Sören Sommerfeld, M.Sc.E-Mail+49 30 314-72078472Bauwirtschaft I, II, III
Bauprojektmanagement II
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Felix Theuring, M.Sc.E-Mail+49 30 314-72336407Bauprojektmanagement I und II
Profile page
Filipe Vivanco, M.Sc.E-Mail+49 30 314-27924410Baubetrieb I-IV
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Associated Teaching and Research Assistants

NameE-mailPhoneRoomContact Person for the ModulesProfile Page
Philipp Beidersandwisch, M.Eng.E-Mail+49 30 314-72079474Baubetrieb I und II
Bauwirtschaft II
Bauprojektmanagement III
Profile page
David Flüthmann, Dipl. -Wirtsch. -Ing., M.Sc.E-Mail+49 30 314-72338474Profile page
Emil Lukawski, M.Sc.E-Mail407 Profile page