Chair of Building Physics and Building Constructions

Past projects

Diagram about the life cycle of KMF © TU Berlin

LifeCycle AMF

The LifeCycle AMF project examines the potential for further use of artificial mineral fibers (AMF) after the end of the use phase of buildings in order to optimize the life cycle.

Logo reusecity © zukunftsgeraeusche GbR


“reusecity” is an urban recycling network alternative for local recycling and for the direct re-use of materials. The project works together with trade fairs, event locations, events and other sources of materials in Berlin for a local and social reuse of materials.

The House © zukunftsgeraeusche GbR

Projekt Plattenvereinigung

Plattenvereinigung is a research and educational project for testing sustainable behaviors and cultural forms bringing together actors from science, education, industry, trade and art to develop a universal culture of sustainability.

© TU Berlin

Developing Hybrid from Wood and Polyurethane Elastomers

Research was conducted as part of the Zukunft Bau initiative to examine the suitability of polyurethane elastomers as weather protection for wooden components. The project examined a number of different areas within the topic of hybrid wood constructions with polyurethane.

© TU Berlin

Planning and Evaluation of Energetically Optimized Facades

Within the project "EnEff Campus - Efficiency Technologies at the Science City Campus," funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research’s EnEff Stadt research initiative, the possibilities of an energetic facade refurbishment for existing buildings on the Adlershof Science City campus in Berlin were investigated.

© TU Berlin

Hazard Potential of Facades for Biogenic Infestation

As part of the project “Development of capillary tube-based concrete solid absorbers with dual use for environmental energy utilization” funded by the German Federal Environmental Foundation (DBU), research was conducted to investigate the hazard potential of garage walls due to algae infestation resulting from the local cooling of building components caused by the absorber function.

© TU Berlin

Concept for a CO2 Monitoring for Berlin

The aim of the project was to develop a conceptual process to enable Berlin to record and analyze CO2 emissions for the entire city and to present these data in a user-friendly, regularly updated form.


Energy-Plus Building

Creation of an exhibition concept and a technical information system for energy-efficient construction for the BMVBS energy-plus building.

Research area: Building physics (thermal bridges, weather protection)

Forschungsbereich: Standsicherheit der Großtafelbauten in den neuen Bundesländern