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Current Projects

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Material flow model for insulation materials

We are urgently looking for floor plans of single-family houses, apartment buildings or also non-residential buildings (practices, office buildings, public facilities, etc.) with the aim of creating a forecast model for future insulation waste quantities. Obtaining the data is extremely difficult, as only the rightful owners of the plans - i.e. the owner of a building - are allowed to send us these plans. We appreciate any and all support!

Diagram Building Materials: asbestos, value retention and material flows © TU Berlin


Recent years have seen an increase in the disposal of mineral building materials containing asbestos. The overall aim of the project is to rethink and outline a safe process for contaminated building stock including obtaining data, conducting renovation and demolition work (deconstruction) through to recycling and residual waste disposal.

Remelting Miwo © Dr. A. Paul, BAM

Remelting MiWo

In cooperation with the Bundesanstalt für Materialforschung und -prüfung (BAM), the Remelting MiWo research project investigates whether the recycling of mineral wool on a volume-relevant scale is technically, economically and ecologically meaningful and feasible.

image milieu vs Klima © TU Berlin

Neighborhood Protection Versus Climate Protection?

The research and model project Neighborhood Protection Versus Climate Protection? aims to develop innovative, scientifically based implementable strategies for neighborhoods to resolve the conflict of interests between social city and climate neutrality in neighborhood protection areas, i.e. socially acceptable energetic neighborhood development with reductions in CO2.