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Occupational health care

Occupational health care is an individual occupational health and safety measure and is a valuable addition to technical and organisational occupational health and safety measures, but it must not replace them. During occupational health care, company doctors advise employees on the interactions between work and health and also assess these with regard to individual health.

Interactions between work and health can result from, for example:

  • the working environment
  • the organisation of work
  • the work task
  • the work equipment

Occupational health care has been regulated in the Ordinance on Preventive Occupational Health Care (ArbMedVV) since 2008. Employers must arrange for mandatory preventive medical care or offer preventive medical care in accordance with the preventive medical care events specified in the appendix to the ArbMedVV. In addition, employees have the right to receive occupational health advice and examination at their request (optional preventive care). Occupational health care is carried out by specialists in occupational medicine or doctors with the additional title of occupational medicine.

The central element of occupational health care is the consultation with the occupational physician. Physical and instrumental examinations are only carried out if the employee does not refuse. Occupational infection risks may result in a recommendation for vaccination. The contents and results of occupational health care are confidential and subject to medical confidentiality. The employer receives a precautionary certificate stating that and when the occupational health care has taken place and when the next occupational health care is recommended.

Mandatory and optional health care

For certain effects associated with work, the employer is obliged to arrange (mandatory) or offer (optional) occupational health care on a regular basis. An overview of the occasions for mandatory and optional occupational health care can be found in the annex to the Ordinance on Preventive Occupational Health Care (ArbMedVV).

Mandatory health care and optional care on offer must be arranged or offered by the responsible manager before the start of the activity and at regular intervals thereafter. The employer may only allow a hazardous activity to be carried out if the employee has taken part in the mandatory health care. Participation in optional health care is voluntary for employees. Occupational health care takes place during working hours.

Registration for mandatory and optional occupational health care with the company medical service is done by submitting the completed supervisor information form signed by the responsible manager.

Elective health care

The employer must provide employees with regular occupational health care at their request. In principle, preventive medical check-ups may cover all issues relating to the interaction between work and the health of employees, in particular health complaints in connection with work and psychosocial issues. Preventive medical check-ups for employees are offered as part of the company medical consultation hours and take place during working hours. Please register by telephone or email with the secretariat of the company medical service.


Registration for occupational health care

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