Medical Service

Tasks of the Company Medical Service

The basis for the activities of company physicians are state and trade association regulations. The tasks of company physicians are defined, among other things, in §3 of the Occupational Safety Act (ASiG) and serve to protect the health of employees and to prevent occupational accidents, work-related illnesses and occupational diseases. In detail, these are the following tasks:

  • Advising those responsible for occupational health and safety (university management, executives) and employees on all occupational health and safety issues.
  • Advice on the planning, construction and maintenance of operating facilities
  • Advice on the procurement of technical equipment and the introduction of working procedures and substances, the selection and testing of personal protective equipment, the design of workplaces, work processes, the working environment and other questions of ergonomics, as well as on the assessment of working conditions
  • Consultation, examination and occupational medical assessment of employees within the framework of occupational medical precautions as well as travel medical consultation
  • Inspection of workplaces, including reporting any deficiencies found to the responsible persons, proposing measures to eliminate the deficiencies and working towards their implementation
  • Participation in the reintegration of disabled persons into the work process after a long illness
  • Participation in the promotion of health in the workplace

Our Services

Occupational health care

Occupational health care serves to provide individual advice to employees on the interactions between work and health. The aim of occupational health care is to detect work-related health complaints at an early stage and to prevent work-related illnesses, including occupational diseases.

Hazardous substances

There are a large number of rules and regulations for the safe handling of hazardous substances, for example in laboratories and workshops. The employer and subsequently every responsible person must ensure that no health hazards can arise from working with hazardous substances.

Ergonomics at the computer workstation

With the right setup of the VDU workplace, health impairments caused by VDU work can be prevented. Here you will find information on ergonomics at the VDU workplace in the office and in the home office as well as on the procurement of special visual aids.

Maternity protection

Expectant and nursing mothers who are in an employment relationship are under special protection against health hazards at the workplace. The Maternity Protection Act applies to all women in employment, as well as to trainees and students. In order for the employer to comply with the protective provisions, women should inform their employer of their pregnancy as soon as they are aware of it.

First aid

In an emergency, quick action can save lives. Everyone is legally obliged to provide the best possible help immediately in an emergency. Further information on the organisation of first aid, on company first aiders and first aid materials as well as on emergencies and defibrillators can be found here.

Skin protection

Skin diseases are among the most common diseases associated with occupational activities. The skin is exposed to a variety of stresses at work. Many skin problems can be avoided with appropriate protective measures. Information on activities that are hazardous to the skin as well as on skin protection, skin cleansing and skin care can be found here.

Travel medicine advice

Business travellers, especially long-distance and tropical travellers, can obtain travel medicine advice from the TU Berlin's company medical service before they start their journey as part of the compulsory occupational health care. They also receive the vaccinations that are recommended or necessary for the work-related stay abroad.

Accidents at work and on the way

Employees and students of Technische Universität Berlin are covered by insurance in the event of accidents at work or on the way to and from work. The Unfallkasse Berlin (Berlin Accident Insurance Fund) is responsible for compensation in the event of an accident. Here you can find further information on accidents at work and on the way to work, the reporting procedure and treatment.


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