Chair of Education for Sustainable Nutrition and Food Science

Our Teaching

In keeping with our goal of providing education for sustainable nutrition and food science, our teaching addresses didactic methodologies of vocational education in nutrition/food science as well as nutrition as a scientific discipline in work studies.
We teach in the Prevocational Education as well as Food Science and Nutrition teacher training degree programs.

Vocational education in nutrition deals on a scientific basis with the issues of working and learning in the vocational field of nutrition to determine, develop and reflect on the objectives, objects, media and methods of teaching and learning in vocational education. The starting point for this is the analysis of professional activities in the vocational field of nutrition and home economics. This includes both craft and industrial professions within food production and processing, food sales and the hospitality industry. In addition to dual training, we also address pre-vocational and full-school courses, courses preparing students to study and vocational schools.

We prepare students for school and professional practice and train everyday skills through everyday situations.
In our teaching and research we aim to enable students to shape their own nutrition under complex social conditions in a socially responsible as well as democratically participatory and politically responsible manner. In doing so, we seek to achieve an education for nutrition that enables students to lead independent and responsible lives based on social and cultural integration and responsibility. This enables students to make reflective consumer decisions.Students learn to act competently in everyday life and at work.

The teachers we train then go on to create awareness in schools for the need of informed and conscious nutrition and consumption decisions as well as the associated challenges, thus transferring their knowledge broadly throughout society The circle is closed when we address and continue to reflect on stimuli and trends in society in our research and teaching.