Chair of Education for Sustainable Nutrition and Food Science

Training Kitchen

The training kitchen at the Chair of Education for Sustainable Nutrition and Food Science is one of the facilities for practical teacher training activities at the Institute of Vocational Education and Work Studies.

It is used for courses in the institute's Prevocational Education as well as Food Science and Nutrition bachelor’s and master’s programs but is also available, with prior agreement, for students to work on their own projects.

"Introduction to Workshop-Oriented Work" and "Workshop Work and Accident Prevention” focus on teaching the basic knowledge of preparing and cooking food, working safely in a training kitchen, and assessing food in terms of sustainability.

The knowledge gained here is deepened, independently applied and adapted for every day school life in a number of projects.

The compulsory elective modules "Practice-Based Nutritional and Food Sciences," "Sustainable Food Consumption," "Cultural and Technological Aspects of Sustainable Food Production" as well as "Food Consumption and Culinary Cultures," provide an opportunity for students to deepen their knowledge of food processing with links to practical, subject-specific scientific references that can then be applied in later teaching practice.

In the Food Science and Nutrition programs, students examine relevant subject-specific topics and issues.

In addition, we work together with many institutions at TU Berlin (e.g. BANA, project laboratories) as well as external cooperation partners such as Vernetzungsstelle Schulverpflegung Berlin (a network for school catering) and Acker e.V. (an organization which seeks to combat food waste by educating people about the work involved in growing crops and plants).

Food Lab

Experiments with food and ingredients are conducted in the food lab at the Chair of Education for Sustainable Nutrition and Food Science (B!NErLe) as well as teaching for specific target groups.

Arable Plots and Raised Beds

Nutrition education also takes place outside on our plots of arable land and raised beds!

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