Analytical X-Ray Physics

Projektlabor Physik

Responsible persons:Dr. Andrea Merli, Prof. Dr. Birgit Kanngießer

Target group: Bachelor students of physics

Content: In the project lab, small groups of a maximum of seven students, supervised by a tutor, experiment independently on topics of their own choice. The project lab provides equipment, premises, experimentation times and professional contact persons.
The students are responsible for the theoretical preparation, practical implementation, evaluation and recording of the experiments.
For more than 50 years, the project laboratory has been an alternative to the classical 3-semester basic physics practical course.

Advanced Physics Lab Course - Experiment P15

Responsible persons:Dr. Christopher Schlesiger, Sebastian Praetz

Target group: Bachelor students

Content: X-ray absorption spectroscopy with a HAPG von-Hamos spectrometer deals with the determination of the attenuation coefficient of an unknown or partially known sample according to the Lambert-Beer law with a spectrometer specially developed for this application in the so-called von-Hamos geometry. This method exploits the fact that the absorption increases sharply when the ionization energy of an element and a certain level are reached. The spectroscopy method known as XAFS (X-ray absorbtion fine structre), which investigates the fine structure of these absorption edges, is thereby element- and also species-sensitive, whereby both the composition in general and oxidation states and coordination within molecules can be determined.

Current issues are addressed in this experiment. These range from investigations on the performance of the spectrometer (exploitation of higher reflection orders, etc.) to the measurement of sample systems from chemistry, mineralogy and biology. In the second case, the focus is usually on the question of distinguishing between different species of one and the same element.

Advanced Physics Lab Course - Experiment P48

Responsible person:Dr. Wolfgang Malzer

Target group: Bachelor students

Content: In this experiment there is the possibility to get to know the novel method of 3D micro X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy (3D micro XRF). With this method, the elemental contents and elemental distributions of a sample can be measured with three-dimensional resolution.

The participants work their way into the theoretical and instrumental basics of X-ray fluorescence analysis. They learn to work independently with the spectrometer, to evaluate the spectra and to interpret the results. Questions from current research projects are dealt with. These research projects are interdisciplinary and samples from medicine, biology, chemistry or other scientific disciplines are examined. In their internship report, the participants present the measurement results and interpret them with regard to the question that motivated the investigation.

Advanced Physics Lab Course - Experiment P79

Responsible: Dr. Jonas Baumann

Target group: Bachelor students