Analytical X-Ray Physics


event schedule summer semester 2023

25.04.2023Electron and Phonon Effects in the X-ray Spectra of InsulatorsTerrence Jach, NIST Gaithersburg, USATUB, lecture hall EW 015, hybrid
09.05.2022Introduction to the "Elektronisches Laborbuch"elabFTWWolfgang Malzer, TUBTUB, lecture hall EW 015, hybrid
16.05.2022In house operando X-ray absorption and diffraction studies of rechargeable batteriesMorten Johanson, AUK, DänemarkTUB, lecture hall EW 015, hybrid
23.05.2022Attenuation effects in lab based EXAFS with HAPG opticsJonas Grage, Alexander Kemmesies, TUBTUB, lecture hall EW 015, hybrid
30.05.2022How to get to the SchleusenkrugBirgit Kanngießer, TUBTUB EW 015, in presence only
06.06.2022Workshop "Machine Learning"Jonas Baumann and co., TUBTUB EW 015, in presence only
13.06.2022Scan-free GEXRF: Can Ti nanogratings be analyzed at BLiX?Steffen Staeck, TUBTUB, lecture hall EW 015, hybrid
20.06.2022Diffractive X-ray Optics – New Trends and DevelopmentsAdam Kubec, XRnanotech GmbHTUB, lecture hall EW 015, hybrid
27.06.2022Cement and Concrete Chemistry - Overview and analytical challenges
Can we study iron species in cement with lab-XAS?
Damian Motz, Universität Hannover
Berenike Melchior, TUB
TUB, Raum EW015, hybrid
11.07.2022In Situ and Operando XAFS with a Von Hamos HAPG SpectrometerSebastian Praetz, TUBTUB, lecture hall EW 015, hybrid

event schedule winter semester 2022/23

25.10.2022From Big to Small - Getting Smarter@BAMlineMartin Radtke (BAM)TU Berlin, hybrid
01.11.2022Dimensional and analytical characterization of nanostructures using grazing exit X-ray fluorescencePhilipp Hönicke (PTB)TU Berlin, hybrid
postponed to 29.11.22!
X-ray spectroscopy investigations of LiNixCoyMn1-x-y02 cathode materialsKarina Bzheumikhova (PTB)TU Berlin, hybrid
15.11.2022Today's foods and Novel foods-Interactions between essential trace elements and toxic heavy metalsClaudia Keil (TUB)TU Berlin, hybrid
22.11.2022canceled due to XAFS-seminar and PRORA  
29.11.2022X-ray spectroscopy investigations of LiNixCoyMn1-x-y02 cathode materialsKarina Bzheumikhova (PTB)TU Berlin, hybrid
06.12.2022Core level Spectroscopy at energy storage and conversion materialsKarin Kleiner (Meet, Uni Münster)TU Berlin, hybrid
13.12.2022Alignment strategies for a von Hamos spectrometer with a full cylinder geometryKai Schüler (PTB)TU Berlin, hybrid
postponed to 17.01.23!
The new Laboratory Transmission X-ray Microscope at BLiX: first measurements and resultsLarissa Kilian, Valentina (TUB)TU Berlin, hybrid
10.01.2023Atomic-scale structure of complex semiconductors studied by X-ray absorption spectroscopyClaudia Schnohr (Universität Leipzig)TU Berlin, hybrid
17.01.2023Soft X-ray microscopy: optimization and machine learning applicationLarissa Kilian, Valentina Alberini (TUB)TU Berlin, hybrid
24.01.2023Quantifying the uncertainties in the modelling of thin films by reference-free X-ray fluorescence and X-ray reflectivity under grazing incidenceStephanie Melhem (CEA, France)TU Berlin, hybrid
31.01.2023Transient laboratory soft X-ray NEXAFS spectroscopy on thin TiO2/C60 filmsMarc Dummin (TUB)TU Berlin, hybrid
07.02.2023Investigation of chemical changes in dentine using µXRF and XANESOleksandra Marushenko (TUB)TU Berlin, hybrid
14.02.2023A comparison for nanoscale grating characterization using different EUV scatterometry setupsLeonhard Lohr (PTB)TU Berlin, hybrid



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