Analytical X-Ray Physics


Max Born Institute

Contact: Dr. Holger Stiel, B2: Imaging and Coherent X-rays

Collaboration: Laser-based X-ray sources, microscopy and X-ray absorption spectroscopy

Helmholtz Zentrum Berlin

Collaboration: Investigation of the synergy of laboratory-based methods and experiments at large scale scientific facilities

Bergische Universität Wuppertal

Contact: Prof. Dr. Dirk Lützenkirchen-Hecht, Condensed Matter and Solid State Physics

Collaboration: Applications and method development of X-ray absorption spectroscopy

Application fields

collaboration partneraffiliationfield of collaboration
Prof. Dr. Thomas WilheinKoblenz University of Applied Sciencesdevelopment of microscopy techniques
Prof. Dr. Carla VogtFreiberg University of Mining and Technologyreference samples for X-ray spectroscopy
Dr. Friedrich RothFreiberg University of Mining and TechnologyX-ray absorption spectroscopy on organic molecules
Jacinto Sá, PhDUppsala UniversityX-ray absorption spectroscopy on organic molecules
Prof. Kirsten KrauseUniversity of the Arcticinvestigation of plant parasites with X-ray fluorescence analysis
Dr. Claudia Keilfood chemistry TUBinvestigation of cocoa beans
Prof. Katarina Vogel-MikušUniversity of Ljubljanainvestigation of elemental distributions in plants
Prof. Adrian Heritage
Prof. Stephan Schmid
Cologne University of Applied Sciences
Humbold-Universität Berlin
investigation of nabataean wall paintings in Petra, Jordan
Dr. Michael HupferLeibniz Institute of Freshwater Ecology and Inland Fisheriesinvestigation of sediments
Dr. Carolin Schmitz-AntoniakForschungszentrum Jülichinvestigation of nano particles
Prof. Dr. Ferdi Hellwegerwater pollution control TUBinvestigation of water filters
Prof. Dr. Florian GrünerUniversity of Hamburgdevelopment of X-ray optics for X-ray fluorescence imaging
Dr. Karin Eustehues
Dr. Jürgen Thieme
University of Jena
NSLS-II, Brookhaven National Laboratory
investigation of biogeochemical cycles
Prof. Hans HertzKTH Royal Institute of Technologydevelopment of X-ray microscopy
Prof. Matthias TaupitzDepartment of Radiology, Charité - Berlin University of Medicineinvestigation of atherosclerotic deposits by synchrotron-based X-ray fluorescence analysis.
PD Dr. Antje LudwigKlinik für Kardiologie und Angiologie,Charité - Berlin University of Medicinesynchrotron and laboratory-based X-ray analysis of the extracellular matrix of blood vessels
PD Dr. Carmen Infante-DuarteInstitute of Medical Immunology, Charité - Berlin University of Medicineinvestigation of the accumulation of MRI contrast agents in inflamed nerves