Next Generation Networks

5G/6G Software Networks

TitelTypSWSLPP / WPSemester
5G/6G Software NetworksVorlesung46WPSoSe

The module consists of one compulsory lecture that treats fundamental concepts, architectures, protocols, and interfaces of current 5G and future 6G networks. The main topics are: understanding of software networks (SDN, NFV, EC), 5G basic principles of the E2E architecture, components and protocols of the 5G core networks, automated network management by means of AI/ML, sustainable and energy efficient telecommunication systems, (private) campus networks and relevant industrial applications, evolution towards 6G.

Graduates of this module are endued with competencies in software-based 5G / 6G networks and are thus able to act in the emerging organic systems for open and private campus networks and to strengthen Europe's digital sovereignty. The module conveys knowledge in the field of fundamental information and communication technologies for software-based networks, of the 5G end-to-end architecture (including terminals, access and core network) with its essential functional components and protocols for service control and data transmission. In addition, essential industrial 5G application fields for campus networks and possible operating models will be considered as innovation drivers. Participants are thus prepared for the 6G research and development worldwide.

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