Next Generation Networks

Study and Teaching

Courses in Sommer/Wintersemester

The chair Next Generation Networks offers lectures and project courses to graduated students aiming for their Diploma or Master in the fields of electrical engineering, computer sciences, technical computer sciences, or industrial engineering.

The lecture "5G/6G Software Networks" will be offered in summer semester only, whereas the "5G Evolution/6G Project " will be offered in both summer and winter semesters. This project course is performed in close cooperation with Fraunhofer FOKUS and offers challenging development tasks eventually contributing to the globally recognized state of the art AV/FOKUS technology testbeds / labs. Ideally Students will listen to 1-2 lectures and practice their gained knowledge in 1-2 consecutive project courses, which provides a solid foundation for a Diploma or Master thesis in these highly interesting field of converging networks and services.

All courses are presented in English.

Link to "5G Evolution/6G Project"

Link to "5G/6G Software Networks"