Work, Technology and Participation

The Bachelor's degree programme in Work Education with the option to become a teacher as a core subject is the first step towards qualification to work as a teacher at secondary level I for the school subject Business, Work and Technology (WAT).
The focus of the Bachelor's programme is on human work, especially gainful employment and domestic work. With this perspective, the programme pursues the goal of integrative teaching of subject-specific scientific and subject-specific didactic contents of economic, technical and household-related education. The subject of labour studies and the school subject WAT thus promote the development of everyday competences for leading and shaping one's life. Of particular importance here are action-oriented methods and training in the teaching workshops of work science. The reference to schools is ensured by the school-specific subject science in connection with the subject didactics of work teaching and the other educational sciences. You will learn about concepts of learning, education and upbringing. During a six-week internship at a school, you will deal with the tasks of a teacher as well as pedagogical-didactical questions.
The Bachelor's degree programme in Industrial Education as a core subject is supplemented with another subject at the Free University of Berlin or the Humboldt University of Berlin.