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KidZTec: Inspiring children and young people about the future and technology

project description

In the MINT cluster KidZTec, funded by the BMBF, innovative MINT project courses with a making character (see Maker Labs) are designed, tested, evaluated and continuously optimized in an iterative co-creation process for afternoon activities in two children's and youth leisure facilities, the Manege in Berlin-Neukölln and the Jugendclub in Ketzin (Brandenburg). In terms of a more sustainable way of life, the KidZTec MINT project courses take up the sustainability goals of Agenda 2030 and combine them with entertaining leisure activities and new experiences for children and young people. As a result of the cooperation in the KidZTec MINT cluster, the MINT project courses that have proven themselves in practice are to be implemented in the afternoons of children's and youth leisure facilities in a sustainable manner. Conditions for success for project-oriented, sustainable MINT education are identified and educational materials that are adaptable throughout Germany are created.

Project team

Manuela Weber (Coordination) 

Daniel Gampp (course development)

Prof. Dr. Hans-Liudger Dienel (Project Management)


Funded by

Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF)

Grant number: 16MCJ2136A

Project duration: 01.05.2022-30.04.2025


Office MAR 1-1

Further information:

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