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Inclusive Mobility: Public Αnd Collaborative Trusted Spaces

Public transport is an integral part of urban mobility. Even if this is statistically secure, it suffers from a low perception of security and distrust. As a result, public transport is lagging behind its potential to be an elementary part of the mobility transition, while our cities are deprived of important citizen feedback and participation.

IMPACTS aims to bring passengers together in (digital) ad hoc communities to create supportive spaces where passengers have the opportunity to report issues and build trust through rating mechanisms. In return, cities and transport companies receive real-time insights into passenger perception and open up new feedback channels. With pilot projects in Istanbul and Dugopolje, IMPACTS is testing how community-based bottom-up innovations can be integrated into passenger-centric public transport development.

Project team

Martin Schlecht (Project management)

Arjun Radhakrishnan

Tobias Biehle

funded by

EIT Urban Mobility (January to December 2023)

Martin Thomas Schlecht


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