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Escape Challenge Quantum Technologies. Quantum Technologies: From Fundamentals to Market

Project description

Second-generation quantum technologies have the potential to fundamentally change our world. Arousing interest in quantum technologies in the public and especially among young scientists is a key to Germany’s ability to innovate as a science location. For this to happen, the opportunities offered by quantum technology must be tangible and understandable for many people.

With the Escape Challenge Quantum Technologies, a live escape game is created, which asks the players to solve exciting puzzles collaboratively. You immerse yourself in a world in which second-generation quantum technologies are already being used. The players are motivated to deal with the remarkable properties of the new quantum technologies in a playful way. The escape room concept is made freely available to educational institutions and organizers. This gives a broad audience the opportunity to participate in the social discourse on the development potential of quantum technologies.

EsCQuTe's Escape Room is a global novelty with its specialization in quantum technologies. The focus of the Escape Room is on showing the applicability and immediate benefits of physical technologies. In particular, the playful approach and the element of surprise in the escape room are suitable for generating active participation and thus reaching many people with diverse backgrounds.

Project team

Dr. Robert Richter

M.Sc. Benjamin Maaß

B.Sc. Charlotte Maurer

Funded by

Third-party funder: Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF)

Funding line: Quantum active- intuitive outreach concepts for quantum technologies

March 1, 2020 to December 31, 2022


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Video of the developed Escape Room: