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"Care & Repair - Promoting the care of objects as a new form of taking responsibility and global solidarity" (CaReSo)

Project description

The goal of the project "Care & Repair - Promotion of caring for objects as a new form of taking responsibility and global solidarity" (CaReSo) is, on the one hand, the potential of joint repairing of consumer goods within the framework of repair initiatives as a form of taking responsibility for sustainable development and for the emergence of a new global solidarity. On the other hand, it should be considered which learning processes in the sense of transformative learning take place in the context of joint repairing and which challenges and conditions for success can be identified here. On this basis, teaching approaches for the further diffusion of the idea of joint repairing in broader educational contexts are to be developed and tested. For this purpose, real experiments are carried out with citizens and formats are developed with teachers according to the participatory action research approach in order to promote repair as a learning approach in schools.

Teachers who are interested in implementing repair education at their school or are already doing so are cordially invited to contact Janina Klose. Consulting services include setting up and evaluating the implementation concept, borrowing and making materials available and establishing contacts.

Project team

Prof. Dr. Hans-Liudger Dienel

Janina Klose

funded by

Federal Ministry of Justice and Consumer Protection

06/01/2021 to 06/31/2023

Room MAR 1.021