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Heiko Rehage M.Sc. arch TUB
Room: A-K 101 (Basement)

Tel: 314-23667

Mail: heiko.rehage(at)


Opening Hours:

Mo-Mi   10.00-13.00 und 13.30-17.45

Do           9.00-13.00 und 13.30-17.45

Fr             9.00-14.15



Rene Maurer


Dear Students,

we have been informed by the staff unit for safety-related services and environmental protection that the initial instruction must be refreshed annually by a renewed instruction. This is defined in §12 ArbSchG and must be implemented. This means that you all have to take part in this refresher course every year after the initial instruction, otherwise you cannot continue to use the workshop. We offer you an online course that lasts just under an hour. We cannot write to you all because the effort exceeds our capacities. So you have to take action yourself and subscribe to ISIS.

Your workshop team