Applied Biochemistry


The Department of Applied Biochemistry is part of the Institute of Biotechnology and covers courses in the Biotechnology and Food Technology programs.
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Bachelor degree program

Project Engineering Sciences - PIW

Module Biochemistry I for biotechnologists

Module Biochemistry II for Biotechnologists (including practical course)

Module Biochemistry for LMT

Master's program

Lecture Molecular Medicine (WS)

Practical course Nucleic Acid Applications (WS)

Practical course RNA Technologies (WS)

Practical course 3D Biodisking (WS)

Seminar "Introduction to Bioethics" (WS)

Lecture Regulation of Gene Expression (SuSe)

Practical course RNA interference (SuSe)

Practical course Gene Therapy (SuSe)


Inquiries to Prof. Dr. Jens Kurreck, at the moment only online via info(at)

Theses: Guides for bachelor thesis and master thesis


Chairman of the Examination Board Bachelor is Prof. Dr. Juri Rappsilber

(Secretariat: h.weiss(at);

Chair of the Master's examination board is Prof. Dr. Peter Neubauer.

(Contact: office(at)