Applied Biochemistry

Sustainability in our group

The Department of Applied Biochemistry is committed to sustainability principles in its research and teaching. Some measures that have been implemented:

- Tidying up refrigerators and freezers.

- Replacement of old inefficient refrigerators and freezers.

- Booking systems for workbenches and other equipment to avoid unnecessary running times (and optimize the work process)

- Use of economical LED lamps instead of the building's ceiling lights

- Recycling box for empty bottles of cell culture media

- Recycling box for empty toner cartridges

- Sending empty tip boxes for recycling

- Sashes of hoods are kept closed

- Energy-intensive equipment is no longer in continuous operation

With these measures, the department's electricity consumption could be reduced by about one third (estimated savings of about 23,000 kWh p.a. from about 73,000 kWh p.a., for comparison: a 4-person household consumes about 3,000 kWh p.a.).

In the My Green Lab certification process the department was able to achieve the highest sustainability level "green".

The certification process was described in an article in BioSpektrum.