Economic Education and Sustainable Consumption

Soziologie des Ingenieurberufs

Sociology of the Engineering Profession

The seminar Sociology of the Engineering Profession takes place as an elective course in cooperation with IG Metall and offers a mixture of lectures, discussion rounds, group work and design thinking.

The event is intended to provide orientation and open the view for topics beyond one's own discipline. It is about the role of engineers in social change, qualification at university and the future professional situation. A special focus is on questions of practical responsibility for the social and ecological effects of technology and for sustainable technology design.

We will make an excursion to ALSTOM, one of the leading suppliers of railway technology in Germany. We will deal with the challenges and conflicting goals of socio-ecological transformation together with works councils and reflect on the role of engineers in dealing with these conflicting goals. This is done not only theoretically, but also practically within a design thinking process for the development of socio-ecological innovations.

The course can be found in the course catalogue under 40972 (SozIng I, 3 SWS) and 40973 (SozIng I+II, 6 SWS). It comprises two modules (SozIng I and SozIng II) with 3 CP each. However, it is advisable to take SozIng I and SozIng II in the same semester to ensure the flow of studies, group dynamics and completeness of the course content. The module concludes with an evaluation paper on the prototypes of socio-ecological innovations developed during the module as an examination.

Group size is limited and waiting lists are usually long, so registration is to be understood as binding.

Lecturer: Gerrit von Jorck


SozIng I WiSe 23/24:

Mo, 15.01.24: 8:30 AM until 12 PM
Mo, 26.02.24: 8:30 AM bis 10 AM (digital)
Mo, 18.03.24: from 8:30 AM (full day)
Di, 19.03.24: from 8:30 AM (full day)

Place: IG Metall-Haus in Kreuzberg (Alte Jakobstraße 149, 10969 Berlin)

SozIng II WiSe 23/24:

Mi, 20.03.24: from 8:30 AM (full day, with excursion to Alstom)
Do, 21.03.24: from 8:30 AM (full day)
Fr, 22.03.24: from 8:30 AM (full day)

Place: IG Metall-Haus in Kreuzberg (Alte Jakobstraße 149, 10969 Berlin)