Economic Education and Sustainable Consumption

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Final theses

Please choose your examiner/supervisor and consider the different key activities and research areas of the lecturer. Individual suggestions for topics are welcome!

Further information is available in the colloquium for final theses.

Here you can view an exemplary evaluation form for theses.

Below you will find examples of Bachelor's theses that have been assessed as "very good". Please note that there is still room for improvement even in these theses and that, for example, a different (recognised and uniformly practised) procedure can also be chosen for citation and bibliography.

Example 1: Die Bedeutung von "Diabetiker-Produkten" in der Ernährung von Diabetis mellitus Erkrankten.
(The importance of "diabetic products" in the diet of people with diabetes mellitus.)

Example 2: LOHAS- Eine kritische Begriffsanalyse.
(LOHAS- A critical conceptual analysis.)

Example 3: Berlins ‚neue‘ Gärten als schulische Lernorte?
(Berlin's 'new' gardens as places of learning in schools?)

Example 4: Auswirkungen der Zusammenarbeit mit außerschulischen Lernpartnern auf die Schüler_innenmotivation im Rahmen einer schulischen Bildung für nachhaltige Entwicklung.
(Effects of cooperation with extracurricular learning partners on student motivation in the context of school-based education for sustainable development.)

Example 5: Die symbolische Dimension des nachhaltigen Konsums – Implikationen für das Nachhaltigkeitsmarketing
(The symbolic dimension of sustainable consumption - implications for sustainability marketing.)

Example 6: Kreditpoly 2.0 - Überarbeitung eines Spiels zur Vermittlung von Finanzkompetenz an Schulen
(Kreditpoly 2.0 - Revision of a game to teach financial literacy in schools)

Scientific work

We have compiled a guide to scientific work for you here.

In addition, there is the possibility to write a "practice term paper" (max. 5 pages), which you hand in to a teacher of your choice for correction.

Here you can find an example of a term paper graded "very good".

You can view an exemplary evaluation form for term papers here.

The information sheet for students on dealing with plagiarism at Faculty I can be found here.

Help and advice

The tutors of the Department of Economic Education and Sustainable Consumption are available to all students of work studies for general questions about their studies, as well as for advice on homework and papers.