Didactics of Work Studies

Practical Semester: a Short Introduction

All students are required to complete a practical semester in their subject areas as part of their master’s program, usually in the 3rd semester. This is an important element in bringing together theory and practice and enables students to apply what they have learned in a teaching context while also gaining experience of working in their chosen profession.

The practical semester is much more than a chance for students to gain a first deeper understanding of their work as teachers; it also enables them to gain detailed experience of educational processes and to participate in these. In addition, representatives from different areas and phases of teacher training work closely together, both in the preparation for the practical semester and in providing concrete support for students when working in schools. The resulting synergy helps prepare students for the second phase of their teacher training (Referendariat) when they will be working in schools.

Detailed information is available on the website of the School of Education (SETUB).