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cLEVER 3. Achieving consumer literacy subject by subject

Systematic approaches to promoting consumer education at schools in Baden Württemberg

The name of the project, cLEVER, is derived from the German for consumer education as a guiding perspective (LEitperspektive VERbraucherbildung). As a national pilot project, cLEVER compiles studies and produces support material for teachers and multipliers with a focus on strengthening the teaching of consumer education in general education schools nationwide. The project aims to sensitize teachers in Baden-Württemberg to the guiding perspective “consumer education” introduced in Baden-Württemberg’s curricula for 2016 and to support teachers in implementing this guiding perspective in the classroom in a needs-oriented and practical manner.

The guiding perspective “consumer education” is one of six guiding perspectives that have been core elements of education curricula in Baden-Württemberg since 2016. Consumer education is part of the educational mandate of general education schools nationwide (KMK 2013) and must be implemented in the teaching of all subjects in all types of schools.

“Consumer education aims to achieve responsible behavior [among school students] as consumers by informing them about consumer-related content and providing them with competences aimed at reflective and autonomous consumer behavior. This is primarily about developing behavior as a reference and using the acquired competences when making decisions as responsible consumers.” (KMK 2013, page 2 ff.).

cLEVER has been based at Technische Universität Berlin under the leadership of Professor Dr. Silke Bartsch (Institute of Vocational Education and Work Studies) since 2018. The project is linked to the professorship of Dr. Bartsch and was based at Karlsruhe University of Education from 2016-2018.

The cLEVER project series has been financed by the Ministry of Food, Rural Affairs and Consumer Protection Baden-Württemberg (MLR) since 2016.

In cLEVER 1 and cLEVER 2, initial study-based support services for teachers were iteratively developed and implemented. These included further training offers and a series of recommendations entitled “Consumer Education in the Subject Classroom.”

The aim of cLEVER 3 is to develop and provide transfer measures in teacher training and further education.Due to the establishment of the Center for School Quality and Teacher Training (ZSL) with regional offices in Baden-Württemberg, a restructuring process is currently taking place, especially in the second phase of teacher training. This has seen an expansion and consolidation of cooperation with the University of Education Schwäbisch Gmünd and the Seminar für Ausbildung und Fortbildung der Lehrkräfte (GWHRS) Schwäbisch Gmünd.

At the heart of the entire cLEVER project series is the professionalization of teachers for the central cross-cutting topic of consumer education.

Funding:Ministry for Food, Rural Affairs and Consumer Protection Baden-Württemberg (MLR) 
Project duration:05/2021 – 12/2022 
Project manager:Prof. Dr. Silke Bartsch, TU Berlin 
Project team:Eva Leupolz Masovic, Jennifer Messerknecht 
Further information:www.leitperspektive-verbraucherbildung.de 

Cooperation partners for the cLEVER project

Center for School Quality and Teacher Training (ZSL) Baden-Württemberg (ZSL) Regional Office Schwäbisch Gmündzsl-bw.de/,Lde/Startseite/ueber-das-zsl/regionalstelle-schwaebisch-gmuend
University of Education Schwäbisch Gmünd
Institut für Gesundheitswissenschaften,
. Ernährung, Konsum und Mode (Prof. Dr. Petra Lührmann)

Institut für Gesellschaftswissenschaften,
Ökonomie (Prof. Dr. Jana Krüger)

Institut für Gesellschaftswissenschaften,
Ökonomie, Ernährung, Konsum und Mode (Dr. Anja Bonfig)
Seminar für Ausbildung und Fortbildung der Lehrkräfte Schwäbisch Gmünd (GWHRS)gwhrs.seminar-schwaebisch-gmuend.de/,Lde/Startseite