Algorithmics and Computational Complexity

Final Thesis


Most topics are based on algorithms and complexity questions for NP-hard problems with a special focus on parameterized algorithmics. Application domains include networks (biological, social, ...), graph-based data clustering, graph modification problems, voting systems, and other combinatorial problems. See
for past bachelor and master theses supervised and
for recent publications by our group.

We are a theory group and every thesis done with us has a theory part! This means that some theoretical basics are required to do a thesis with us. For example, using formal notation, proving statements, etc.

Thus, at least one of our courses that has a significant theory part needs to be passed before asking for a topic thesis. We recommend Algorithmentheorie for Bachelor and Advanced Algorithmics and/or Parameterized Algorithmics for Master.

How to apply for a topic

Due to the high demand for topics, we set up the following procedure for applying to a topic / thesis supervision.

  1. Write an e-mail to akt-lehre 'at' containing the following information several month before you want to start with your thesis:   
    • What is your prior knowledge, that is, which courses offered by us did you take? (For master we recommend successful participation of "Advanced Algorithmics" or similar; for bachelor "Algorithmentheorie", formerly titled "Grundlagen der Algorithmik")
    • Do you prefer a purely theoretical work or do you want a programming part? Note that we are a theory group, so any thesis will have a significant theoretical part.
    • What are your preferences concerning problems to work on? Graph problems, matrix problems, problems from social choice, ...?
  2. After we receive your e-mail with the above information, we add you to our waiting list (Janury 2023: waiting time is several months). Eventually, we will suggest to you a topic that fits your preferences. These topics are oftentimes freshly generated from our research and we are eager to find something that fits your interests well.
  3. Once you receive a topic proposal and if you want to take this topic, you have 2 weeks to prepare a pitch talk giving an overview over an initial literature research (what is known?) and first ideas on how to approach the topic. We do not expect you to come up with full solutions / algorithms at this stage, but you should try and demonstrate your understanding of the topic. If you do not want to take this topic, no hard feelings, but please tell us as soon as possible.
  4. We evaluate your summary. Depending on the outcome we start the supervision.

General Note

Currently we cannot supervise Bachelor or Master theses of students outside of Berlin.
We do not offer any internships and will not respond to corresponding emails.