Algorithmics and Computational Complexity

Algorithmics for Discrete Data Science

basic information

leveladvanced Master
prerequisitesobligatory: basic knowledge on algorithm design
desirable: basic understanding of approximation and parameterized algorithmics; participation in the course Advanced Algorithmics
descriptionAlgorithm design and analysis for the classical computation model as well as alternative models of computation. The various models (including RAM, memory hierarchy, online, streaming, etc.) are employed in several fundamental problem domains.
These domains include:
- Network analysis,
- Sequence analysis, and
- Matrix analysis.
formlecture and tutorials
examination formwritten examination
turnusthis course is not offered regularly


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offered in termteaching staff
S0Se 21Vincent Froese, Till Fluschnik
S0Se 20Rolf Niedermeier, Till Fluschnik, Hendrik Molter, Malte Renken