Algorithmics and Computational Complexity

Advanced Algorithmics


prerequisitesobligatory: basic knowledge on algorithm design, desirable: basic understanding of P vs. NP classification
descriptionIntroduction to advanced and modern topics of algorithm design and analysis, with a particular emphasis on coping with presumable worst-case intractability.
Particular topics include:
-algorithmic game theory,
- algorithmic graph theory,
- approximation and online algorithms,
- computational geometry,
- computational social choice,
- distributed algorithms,
- online algorithms,
- parameterized and exact algorithms,
- randomized algorithms and analysis,
- universal solvers.
formlecture and tutorial part
examination formwritten exam
turnus(almost) every term

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offered in termteaching staff
WS 21/22Vincent Froese, Matthias Bentert
WS 20/21André Nichterlein, Matthias Bentert
WS 19/20André Nichterlein, Robert Bredereck