Audio Communication Group

Room acoustics and sound field reproduction

The team is focused on all aspects and components of room acoustical simulations, develops new approaches to room acoustical and electro-acoustical design, and investigates the perception of acoustic and electro-acoustic environments.


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Doctorates in progress

  • Description and implementation of the radiation of dynamic sound sources for virtual acoustic reality
    PhD thesis by David Ackermann | Supervision: S. Weinzierl
  • Error estimation in room acoustical simulations
    PhD thesis by Christoph Böhm | Supervision: S. Weinzierl
  • Adjoint-based numerical optimization of acoustical environments
    PhD thesis by Arne Hölter | Supervision: S. Weinzierl
  • Generative acoustical design with wave-based numerical models
    PhD thesis by Bradley Alexander | Supervision: S. Weinzierl
  • On the visual influence on room acoustical impression
    PhD thesis by Christos Drouzas|Supervision: S. Weinzierl and J. Steffens (HS Düsseldorf)
  • Investigating and measuring acoustic listening expertise
    PhD thesis by Markus von Berg | Supervision: J. Steffens (HS Düsseldorf) and S. Weinzierl
  • Geometrical and numerical tools to improve the accuracy of room acoustic simulation with focus on materials and complex finish object simulation
    PhD thesis by Arthur von Harten | Supervision: S. Weinzierl and M. Vorländer (RWTH Aachen)
  • Real-Time Audio and Video Processing in Public Internet Server Nodes
    PhD thesis by Christoph Kuhr | Supervision: S. Weinzierl and A. Carot (Hochschule Anhalt)

Final theses in progress

  • The Transition from Near-Field to Far-Field for the Complex Sound Radiation Patterns of Musical Instruments
    Bachelor thesis by Lina Campanella | Supervision: S. Weinzierl and S. Möller
  • Entwicklung von Live-Lärmrasterkarten für die immissionsschutzrechtliche Überwachung von Festivals (PDF)
    Master thesis by Gideon Krumbach | Supervision: S. Weinzierl and A. Elwing
  • Loudspeaker impedance response detection in live applications
    Master thesis by Martin Lieser | Supervision: S. Weinzierl and A. Goertz
  • Generation of volumetric polycubes from room geometry for the analysis of reverbration times
    Bachelor thesis by Anton Lorenz | Supervision: S. Weinzierl and M. Alexa
  • Die Schwerhörigenanlage im Theater: von der Verstärkung zur künstlerischen Anwendung (PDF)
    Master thesis by Piotr Rafael Zarzycki | Supervision: S. Weinzierl and J. H. Schröder
  • Automatische Raumkorrektur in einem Desktop Monitor Controller
    Master thesis by Stephan Eckes | Supervision: A. Goertz and S. Weinzierl
  • Kalibrierung mobiler Endgeräte für eine Raumakustik-App
    Bachelor thesis by Philip Kramwinkel | Supervision: D. Ackermann and A. Rosenkranz
  • Simulation of curved surfaces in room acoustics
    Master thesis by Benedikt Kästner | Supervision: F. Brinkmann and A. von der Harten (Acoustic Distinctions)
  • Entwicklung eines modularen Multipunkt-Beschallungskonzepts für eine Open Air Musikspielstätte
    Master thesis by Hannes Hügel | Supervision: S. Lepa and J. Kepper (Akustikbüro Dahms)
  • Effect of Early Refelctions on Stage Acoustic Conditions
    Master thesis by Jannis Kriz | Supervision: S. Weinzierl, E. Porcinai and E. Kahle (Kahle Acoustics)
  • Modellierung der Schallausbreitung in einer inhomogenen Atmosphäre und ihr Einfluss auf binaural synthetisierten Überfluglärm
    Master thesis by Andrej Prescher | Supervision: S. Weinzierl and A. Moreau (DLR)
  • Symphonic Concert Halls of the Beethoven Era in Vienna. A Simulation Campaign
    Master thesis by Meret Lu Stellbrink | Supervision: S. Weinzierl and D. Ackermann
  • Applying warped frequency scaling and principal component analysis for digital audio filters and room compensation
    Master thesis by Felix Müller | Supervision: S. Weinzierl and M. Enekl (Sony Europe)
  • Kirchen als Hörräume. Eine Fallstudie für den Einsatz generativer Akustik
    Master thesis by __ | Supervision: S. Weinzierl and D. Ackermann
  • Development and evaluation of a speaking and listening artificial head to study the directivity of human voice
    Master thesis by Julie Daudré | Supervision: P. Luizard, M. Schneider and S. Weinzierl
  • Entwicklung, Simulation und Validierung eines immissionsarmen Open Air Beschallungskonzepts unter besonderer Beachtung tiefer Frequenzen
    Master thesis by Korbinian Dötsch | Supervision: S. Weinzierl and D. Belcher (d&b Audiotechnik)

Team lead

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