Audio Communication Group

Computer Music and Sound Synthesis

The team Computer music and sound synthesis deals with theoretical and practical aspects of systems for interactive music applications, algorithms for the modeling and synthesis of musical sounds and musical interfaces.



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Doctorates in progress

  • Music in Virtual Environments
    PhD thesis by Damian Dziwis | Supervision: S. Weinzierl, C. Pörschmann and H. von Coler

Final theses in progress

  • Autogenous Spatialization for Arbitrary Loudspeaker Setups
    Master thesis by Zeyu Yang | Supervision: H. von Coler and M. Puckette
  • Überwindung kreativer Blockaden von Musikschaffenden durch gezieltes User-Interface Design von Synthesizern
    Master thesis by Tim Strauch | Supervision: S. Weinzierl and J. von Thienen (HPI Potsdam)
  • IFFT Synthesis for Spectro-Spatial Sound Synthesis
    Master thesis by Hilko Tondock | Supervision: H. von Coler
  • Network Systems for Live Electronic Music and Sound Art
    Master thesis by Benedikt Wieder | Supervision: H. von Coler

Team lead