Audio Communication Group

Computational Musicology

The computational musicology team (CMT) is conducting transdisciplinary empirical research regarding

  • audio signal processing and music information retrieval
  • sound design, audio branding and sonic interaction
  • music and media
  • historical and sociological aspects of music listening
  • performance practices
  • music perception and cognition
  • music analysis

We are predominantly employing computational or computer-assisted methods and our members and associates stem from the fields of musicology, media and communication science, sound studies, music information retrieval, multimedia design and human computer interaction.

Doctorates in progress

  • So fern, so nah? Die Auswirkung der räumlichen und sozialen Distanz auf die Live-Performance
    PhD thesis by Ari Kanemaki | Supervision: S. Weinzierl and S. Lepa
  • Analog Media in Techno Production
    PhD thesis by Jonathan Weatherill-Hunt | Supervision: S. Lepa and S. Weinzierl 
  • Barrierefreie digitale Musikinstrumente in musikpädagogischen und -therapeutischen Kontexten
    PhD thesis by Andreas Förster | Supervision: S. Lepa, S. Weinzierl and N. Schnell (HS Furtwangen)
  • Space manipulating sound. The influence of architectural concepts on Iannis Xenakis' interdisciplinary works
    PhD thesis by Marko Slavíček | Supervision: S. Weinzierl and P. Nelson (University of Edinburgh)
  • Augmented reality on the dance floor: Visualising electronic music among the crowd
    PhD thesis by Matt Hughes | Supervision: S. Weinzierl and A. Johnston (University of Technology, Sydney)
  • The role of HCI in the creation and performance of musical notation
    PhD thesis by Benjamin Bacon | Supervision: S. Weinzierl and S. Lepa

Final theses in progress

  • Entwicklung einer Ground-Truth Datenbasis für die automatische Groove-Klassifikation von Popmusiktiteln
    Masterarbeit by Luzie Ahrens | Supervision: S. Lepa und R. Kopiez
  • Data centric AI for neural speech enhancement
    Master thesis by Martijn Strating | Supervision: T. Janke (ai|coustics)
  • A Perception-Distortion Perspective on Musical Source Separation
    Master thesis by Jonas Hajek-Lellmann | Supervision: S. Weinzierl, S. Möller and T. Flohrer (zplane development)
  • Towards a Transformer Architecture for Generating Music Descriptions
    Master thesis by Arne Fedor Kuhle | Supervision: S. Weinzierl and R. Gebhardt (Cyanite)
  • Suggestivität von Fahrzeuggeräuschen im Elektroauto. Zum Einfluss musikalischer Merkmale auf das Fahrverhalten
    Master thesis by Mesud Zaimovic | Supervision: S. Weinzierl and M. Petersen (KIT)

Team lead

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