Audio Communication Group

Binaural processing and perception team

The team focuses on binaural signal processing, binaural reproduction, spatial hearing, and perception. As such, the team works on new methods for (perceptually motivated) generation and processing of binaural signals and their quality assessment through technical and perceptual evaluation. The team also investigates fundamental mechanisms of spatial hearing and multimodal perception, often using binaural rendering to generate virtual acoustic realities in which the experiments take place.



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Doctorates in progress

  • On the visual influence on room acoustical impression
    PhD thesis by Christos Drouzas | Supervision: S. Weinzierl and J. Steffens (HS Düsseldorf)
  • Binaural hearing in the real and virtual world to improve school childrens’ hearing experience (VIWER-S)
    PhD thesis by Melissa Ramírez | Supervision: C. Pörschmann (TH Köln) and S. Weinzierl
  • Binaural reproduction of microphone array data
    PhD thesis by Tim Lübeck | Supervision: C. Pörschmann (TH Köln) and S. Weinzierl
  • Free-body-movement HRTF measurement system
    PhD thesis by David Bau | Supervision: C. Pörschmann (TH Köln) and S. Weinzierl
  • A model for the prediction of annoyance due to low-level sounds
    PhD thesis by Siegbert Versümer | Supervision: J. Steffens (HS Düsseldorf) and S. Weinzierl
  • Multimodal attention in audiovisual scenarios
    PhD thesis by David Du Bruyn | Supervision: J. Steffens (HS Düsseldorf) and S. Weinzierl
  • Antropometry-based prediction of head-related transfer functions
    PhD thesis by Sanket Jain | Supervision: S. Weinzierl and F. Brinkmann

Final theses in progress

  • Untersuchung zum Einfluss von Haar- und Hautimpedanzen in HRTF-Simulationen mittels der Boundary Element Method
    Master thesis by Tim Wennemann | Supervision: S. Weinzierl
  • Schaltungsentwurf einer Oktopuszelle in einem FPGA (PDF)
    Master thesis by Alexej Tschumak | Supervision: S. Weinzierl, A. Kothe, F. Klefenz und F. Feldhoff
  • Erkennung von Mehr-Räumigkeit in Musik- und Sprachsignalen
    Master thesis by Berthold von der Ohe | Supervision: S. Lepa und S. Weinzierl
  • Spatial Ability Test
    Master thesis by Fabian Seidel | Supervision: S. Lepa und S. Weinzierl
  • Entwicklung eines Messverfahrens für die binaurale Sprachverständlichkeit
    Master thesis by Lukas Kaiser | Supervision: F. Brinkmann und A. Goertz

Team lead

Building E-N
Room 150/151


Johannes Mathias Arend

Building E-N
Room 150/151