Audio Communication Group


The Audio Communication Group currently has 21 doctoral students (as of August 2023). The doctoral projects are mainly made possible by externally funded research projects or scholarships. Typically, two to three supervisors are responsible for the academic supervision, and an intensive academic exchange also takes place within the teams at the department (see assignment below). Organisational information on registering for and completing the doctorate can be found on the Faculty I website.

Doctorates in progress

Binaural processing and perception team

  • On the visual influence on room acoustical impression
    PhD thesis by Christos Drouzas | Supervision: S. Weinzierl and J. Steffens (HS Düsseldorf)
  • Binaural hearing in the real and virtual world to improve school childrens’ hearing experience (VIWER-S)
    PhD thesis by Melissa Ramírez | Supervision: C. Pörschmann (TH Köln) and S. Weinzierl
  • Binaural reproduction of microphone array data
    PhD thesis by Tim Lübeck | Supervision: C. Pörschmann (TH Köln) and S. Weinzierl
  • Free-body-movement HRTF measurement system
    PhD thesis by David Bau | Supervision: C. Pörschmann (TH Köln) and S. Weinzierl
  • A model for the prediction of annoyance due to low-level sounds
    PhD thesis by Siegbert Versümer | Supervision: J. Steffens (HS Düsseldorf) and S. Weinzierl
  • Multimodal attention in audiovisual scenarios
    PhD thesis by David Du Bruyn | Supervision: J. Steffens (HS Düsseldorf) and S. Weinzierl
  • Antropometry-based prediction of head-related transfer functions
    PhD thesis by Sanket Jain | Supervision: S. Weinzierl and F. Brinkmann

Room acoustics and sound field reproduction team

  • Error estimation in room acoustical simulations
    PhD thesis by Christoph Böhm | Supervision: S. Weinzierl
  • Adjoint-based numerical optimization of acoustical environments
    PhD thesis by Arne Hölter | Supervision: S. Weinzierl
  • Generative acoustical design with wave-based numerical models
    PhD thesis by Bradley Alexander | Supervision: S. Weinzierl
  • On the visual influence on room acoustical impression
    PhD thesis by Christos Drouzas|Supervision: S. Weinzierl and J. Steffens (HS Düsseldorf)
  • Investigating and measuring acoustic listening expertise
    PhD thesis by Markus von Berg | Supervision: J. Steffens (HS Düsseldorf) and S. Weinzierl
  • Geometrical and numerical tools to improve the accuracy of room acoustic simulation with focus on materials and complex finish object simulation
    PhD thesis by Arthur von Harten | Supervision: S. Weinzierl and M. Vorländer (RWTH Aachen)
  • Real-Time Audio and Video Processing in Public Internet Server Nodes
    PhD thesis by Christoph Kuhr | Supervision: S. Weinzierl and A. Carot (Hochschule Anhalt)

Computational musicology team

  • So fern, so nah? Die Auswirkung der räumlichen und sozialen Distanz auf die Live-Performance
    PhD thesis by Ari Kanemaki | Supervision: S. Weinzierl and S. Lepa
  • Analog Media in Techno Production
    PhD thesis by Jonathan Weatherill-Hunt | Supervision: S. Lepa and S. Weinzierl 
  • Barrierefreie digitale Musikinstrumente in musikpädagogischen und -therapeutischen Kontexten
    PhD thesis by Andreas Förster | Supervision: S. Lepa, S. Weinzierl and N. Schnell (HS Furtwangen)
  • Space manipulating sound. The influence of architectural concepts on Iannis Xenakis' interdisciplinary works
    PhD thesis by Marko Slavíček | Supervision: S. Weinzierl and P. Nelson (University of Edinburgh)
  • Augmented reality on the dance floor: Visualising electronic music among the crowd
    PhD thesis by Matt Hughes | Supervision: S. Weinzierl and A. Johnston (University of Technology, Sydney)
  • The role of HCI in the creation and performance of musical notation
    PhD thesis by Benjamin Bacon | Supervision: S. Weinzierl and S. Lepa

Computer Music and Sound Synthesis team

  • Music in Virtual Environments
    PhD thesis by Damian Dziwis | Supervision: S. Weinzierl, C. Pörschmann and H. von Coler

Completed Doctorates

AuthorTitleReviewDate of disputation
David AckermannDynamic Sound Sources for Virtual Acoustics Reality: Description, Implementation and EvaluationS. Weinzierl and S. Feistel22.02.2024
Martin HerzogModellierung der Wahrnehmung des semantischen Ausdrucks populärer MusikS. Weinzierl and H. Egermann01.07.2022
Johannes ArendEfficient Binaural Rendering of Virtual Acoustic Realities – Technical and Perceptual ConceptsC. Pörschmann and S. Weinzierl11.02.2022
Manoj DinakaranEfficient Binaural Rendering of Virtual Acoustic Realities – Technical and Perceptual ConceptsS. Weinzierl, F. Brinkmann and M. Geronazzo03.12.2021
Hardy RittnerEfficient Binaural Rendering of Virtual Acoustic Realities – Technical and Perceptual ConceptsH. v. Loesch and S. Weinzierl12.07.2021
Henrik von ColerA System for Expressive Spectro-Spatial Sound SynthesisS. Weinzierl, D. Schwarz and M. Puckette10.12.2020
Clemens BüttnerConcert Life and Concert Venues in Tokyo, 1868-1945S. Weinzierl and H. v. Loesch25.06.2020
Athanasios LykartsisOn the Analysis of Speech Rhythm for Language and Speaker IdentificationS. Weinzierl, V. Dellwo and M. Grube06.12.2019
Fabian BrinkmannBinaural processing for the evaluation of acoustical environmentsS. Weinzierl and M. Vorländer21.05.2019
Florian StraubeOptimized Geometric and Electronic Wavefront Shaping with Line Source Arrays for Large-Scale Sound ReinforcementS. Weinzierl, A. Goertz and S. Feistel28.11.2018
Fabian GrebDeterminants of Music-Selection Behavior: Development of a ModelS. Weinzierl, M. Wald-Fuhrmann and J. Steffens14.06.2018
Philipp StadePerzeptiv motivierte, parametrische Synthese binauraler RaumimpulsantwortenS. Weinzierl and C. Pörschmann14.06.2018
Oliver Schwab-FelischSystem und Struktur. Studien zur rationalen Rekonstruktion der Schichtenlehre Heinrich SchenkersS. Weinzierl and J. P. Sprick10.04.2018
Benjamin BernschützMicrophone Arrays and Sound Field Decomposition for Dynamic Binaural RecordingS. Weinzierl, C. Pörschmann and S. Spors15.02.2016
Zora Schärer KalkandjievThe Influence of Room Acoustics on Solo Music Performances. An Empirical InvestigationS. Weinzierl and H. von Loesch05.10.2015
Valerio SannicandroSpace and Spatialization as Discrete Parameter in Music Composition. A Space-Oriented Approach to écriture: From Acoustic through Informatics to Musical NotationS. Weinzierl and J.-M. Chouvel21.05.2014
Alexander LindauBinaural Resynthesis of Acoustical Environments. Technology and Perceptual EvaluationS. Weinzierl and M. Vorländer19.05.2014
Berta HeideAudiovisuelle SynchronitätswahrnehmungS. Weinzierl and H.-J. Maempel06.12.2013
Kees TazelaarOn the Threshold of Beauty. Philips and the Origins of Electronic Music in the Netherlands 1925–1965S. Weinzierl, D. Teruggi and J. de Heer17.05.2013
Christian BroeckingDer Marsalis-Komplex. Eine Fallstudie zur gesellschaftlichen Relevanz des afroamerikanischen Jazz 1992-2007S. Weinzierl and E. Ungeheuer14.07.2011
Clemens KuhnProzesse der Plausibilitätsbeurteilung am Beispiel ausgewählterelektroakustischer Wiedergabesituationen. Ein Beitrag zum Verständnis der „inneren Referenz“ perzeptiver MessungenS. Weinzierl and E. Altinsoy15.03.2011
Julia RongeLudwig van Beethovens Kompositionsstudien bei Joseph Haydn, Johann Georg Albrechtsberger und Antonio SalieriH.v. Loesch and S. Weinzierl13.12.2010
Werner Armin OttoZum Bedeutungsverlust formaler Standardisierung für die Marktrelevanz von Audio-Standards zur Online-Distribution. Eine vergleichende Analyse anhand von Case StudiesS. Weinzierl and T. Pauck22.05.2009
Alexander LerchSoftware-Based Extraction of Objective Parameters from Music PerformancesS. Weinzierl and R. Dannenberg27.10.2008
Robert BoesneckerDiskretfrequente Synthese von Nachhall-ProzessenS. Weinzierl and H. de la Motte-Haber19.02.2008
Marije BaalmanOn Wave Field Synthesis and electro-acoustic music, with a particular focus on the reproduction of arbitrarily shapes sound sourcesS. Weinzierl and D. de Vries21.12.2007
Philip MackensenAuditive Localization. Head Movements, an Additional Cue in LocalizationS. Weinzierl and H. de la Motte-Haber26.01.2004