Audio Communication Group

Classes at TU Studio

Each semester, the staff of the TU Studio and invited guest professors teach classes in the field of experimental electronic music and media art. Find the recent classes below.

For all classes, students need to sign up using the ISIS links provided in the description.


Summer 2023

Music Interaction Systems: Design, Composition & Performance

The class Music Interaction Systems: Design, Composition & Performance focuses on SPRAWL, a network system that allows the exchange of sound and control data in local and global networks. With a group of students we will learn the technical details of this setup, using Raspberry PIs with touchscreen and audio interface. Python, SuperCollider, JackTrip, PD and other software components will be used to create interactive compositions. In workshop sessions, the class will work on individual projects and technical concepts.

Important: The class will present the student projects to a larger audience at the LNDW (Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften) on June 17 2023. Participation is mandatory, since it is part of the assessment.

Prerequisites: Participants should be interested in programming Linux audio systems but also build or bring their own instrument (acoustic, electronic, any kind) to perform with the system. The number of participants is limited.


Unconventional Computing for Music

Today, computers are present in every aspect of music, from composition and performance to education and commercialization. The burgeoning field of Unconventional Computing is developing new types of computers beyond the so-called von Neumann classic model. These new computing devices often explore alternative media for hardware development (e.g., biological media) and interfacing (e.g., brain-computer interfacing). This seminar will explore how new types of computers are used in musical composition, including biocomputers and quantum computers.

The first sessions will be held online. The Zoom link is distributed via ISIS.


Algorithmic Composition

This seminar will review approaches to algorithmic composition. Various methods will be introduced, including fractals, generative grammars, cellular automata, genetic algorithms, evolutionary algorithms, and neural networks. Examples of algorithmically composed music will be discussed in detail to illustrate the methods.

The first sessions will be held online. The Zoom link is distributed via ISIS.