Audio Communication Group

Marko Slaviček



Marko Slaviček

PhD Candidate

Organization name Audio Communication Group
Office EN 8

Scientific Career

Born 13 September 1986 in Zagreb, Croatia 
2005-2013Faculty of Architecture, University of Zagreb (Master in Architecture and Urban Planning)
2009-2014Academy of Music, University of Zagreb, Course in Composition (Master of Music)
2014-2015University Mozarteum Salzburg, Course in Composition (Postgraduate)
2018-Technical University of Berlin, Audio Communication Department (PhD programme)

Fields of Research

  • Intersections of Music and Architecture
  • Spatial Music
  • Multimedia aesthetics

PhD Project

The Study of Polytopes as an Art Form

The study aims at the genealogy of Iannis Xenakis's multimedia works with a focus on the Mycenae Polytope (1978). This includes elaborate archival research and aesthetical analysis, drawing differences and similarities between Xenakis's own work and other instances of historical multimedia performances.

Supervisor: Prof. Dr Stefan Weinzierl (TU Berlin) and P. Nelson (University of Edinburgh)

Funding body: Hanns-Seidel-Stiftung