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Steffen Lepa

Research assistant

+49 30 314-29313

Organization name Audio Communication Group
Office EN-8
Building H
Room H 2001E
Tuesdays12:00 - 14:00 h

Scientific Career

2020 - todayPostdoc researcher and lecturer, head of the Computational Musicology team at Audio Communication Group TU Berlin
2018 - 2019Guest professorship (W2) for "Media and Music" at the Institute for Journalism and Communication Research (IJK), HfMTM Hanover
2016 - 2018Head of research in EU Horizon project "abc_dj" (3.5 Mio EUR r&d project on AI as a tool in Music Branding)
2012 - 2015Principal investigator in research project "Survey Music and Media. Empirical basic data and theoretical modelling of the mediatisation of everyday music reception in Germany".
2010 - 2012Postdoc researcher at Audio Communication Group, TU Berlin / Berlin Cluster-of-Excellence "Languages of Emotion"
2009 - 2010Postdoc lecturer (methods of empirical social research and statistics) at the Faculty of Education and Social Sciences, University of Oldenburg
2009Doctorate in Philosophy ("summa cum laude") at the Faculty of Education and Social Sciences of the Carl von Ossietzky University Oldenburg with the dissertation thesis: "Jenseits des Films. Quantitativ-inhaltsanalytische Rekonstruktion von filmischen Verstehens- und Aneignungsprozessen mit Hilfe der Postrezeptiven Lesartenanalyse (PLA)", supervised by Prof. Yvonne Ehrenspeck (General Education and Media Education) and Prof. Bernard Kittel (Methods in the Social Sciences)
2007 - 2010Scientific assistant with teaching duties (media pedagogy, research methods) at the Institute for Pedagogy at the University of Oldenburg
2005 - 2009Teaching assistant for digital audio processing at the Braunschweig University of Fine Arts
2005 - 2007Research assistant in the DFG research project "Communicative Education Processes of Adolescents on the Topic of Death and Filmic Patterns of Instruction" of the department "Philosophy of Education" (Prof. Dieter Lenzen) at the Free University of Berlin
2005 - 2006Teaching assistant for Information Psychology at the University of Applied Sciences Braunschweig-Wolfenbüttel
2003 - 2005Master's degree in Media Management at the Hanover University of Music and Drama (final grade: 1.5 / ECTS grade B - very good)
2003 - 2005responsible head of the sound studio of the Central Media Workshop at the Braunschweig University of Fine Arts
2002Student assistant in the BmBF/MWK-funded research project "CRIMP - Criteria for Evaluation of Audiovisuals in Multimedia Production", of the L3S Research Centre, University of Hanover
1998 - 2003Master's degree in Media Studies, Psychology and Media Technology at the Technical University and University of Fine Arts Braunschweig (final grade: 1.3).
1997Baccalaureate in English, Music, History (bilingual) and Computer Science at the Gymnasium Ricarda-Huch-Schule, Braunschweig (final grade: 1.8)
1978Born in Braunschweig

Fields of Research

  • Media reception and audience research
  • Audio media use, sound and music reception
  • Empirical methods of social research (QUAN, QUAL, Mixed, Computational)
  • Media change and mediatisation
  • Digital media and internet
  • Popular culture and music culture



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