Audio Communication Group
Virtual acoustic reality and neuroplasticity
A new research project focuses on the adaptation of perception to virtual, non-physical realities
The room acoustics from a musician's perspective
In a new research project, room acoustic parameters are being developed to describe stage acoustics
Integration of Spatial Sound Reproduction Methods
For the "3D listening room" in Berlin's Humboldt Forum, a combined control of different systems for sound field synthesis is being developed.
Who listens to classical music?
In cooperation with the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, we investigate the motives for attending concert events and streaming offers
Virtual Acoustic Reality
Room Acoustics
Computer Music
Computational Musicology

Audio Communication Group

The Audio Communication Group is focused on the production, transmission and reception of music and speech in acoustic and electroacoustic systems. This includes the development of virtual acoustic realities by binaural technology and sound field synthesis, as well as their use for the experimental studies in music research and media psychology and for the composition and realization of computer music and sound art. The department operates two sound studios with different 3D audio systems (wave field synthesis, ambisonics, discrete multichannel sound), a media lab with stereoscopic panoramic projection and binaural synthesis, a mixed reality design lab and the world's largest facility for wave field synthesis with 832 channels and 2704 loudspeakers. In teaching, we offer, together with seven other departments of the TU Berlin, the master's program Audio Communication and Technology (M.Sc.), the scientific part of the Tonmeister program of the UdK Berlin as well as teaching on acoustics and sound design for the inter-university master's program in Design & Computation.