General and Historical Educational Science with a Specific Focus on Gender, Technologies and Work

Gendered Technologies – Knowledge Orders and Hidden Curricula in Technology Textbooks (Historical Textbook Research).

Academic director: Professor Dr. Susann Fegter. The project commenced in 2014.

School textbooks not only impart knowledge, they also generate notions of normality and reality. In the context of technical education it is therefore important to consider the cultural images of technology and the world of work presented in schoolbooks and textbooks at different times and the identity choices these provide for boys and girls, as well as how such representations of technology are embedded in national policies and economies. The project examines these issues in discourse-analytical terms and adopts a historical and international-comparative research approach to reveal gendering through technology in the medium of textbooks. In doing so, it addresses two important needs: German textbook research has so far largely neglected technical and scientific textbooks. In technical education, on the other hand, there has been no textbook research from the perspective of historical discourse analysis.  In addition to expanding basic research, the goal is to develop analytical tools for current educational structures and gender orders in STEM subjects and engineering-technical degree programs.  Within the framework of teaching research projects, two pilot studies were conducted on technology textbooks from the FRG and the GDR in the 1980s, focusing respectively on technology and masculinity and on technology and Europe from a postcolonial perspective.