General and Historical Educational Science with a Specific Focus on Gender, Technologies and Work

DFG Project: Professionalism in the Focus of Discourse-analytical Examinations of Group Discussions

ProDisG: professionalism in the focus of discourse-analytical examinations of group discussions - references to family as an integral part of discursive gendering of professional acting under situational and supersituative conditions of statements. (follow-up project of the project NeO)

The aim of the project is to reconstruct how, under specific conditions of statements, references to family as an integral part of the discursive gendering of professional actions occur in the speech of pedagogical professionals when discussing everyday professional life in group discussions.

The project reconstructs how the historically constitutive connection between pedagogical professionalism and gender in the fields of early childhood education (daycare centers) and social work (social-pedagogical family assistance) is currently (re)ordered under the influence of familialization as the dominant rationality of social and welfare policies. The analytical object of the study is discursive practices of object construction in group discussions, which are examined on the basis of transcripts, observation protocols and documents and placed in the context of historical and contemporary discourses. The project thus implements the methodological model for the discourse-analytical evaluation of group discussions recently developed in the NeO project, for the first time in relation to the object, in order to reflect on this methodologically in terms of its possibilities and limitations in application and to advance methodological development and thus contribute to discourse research in educational science.

Project leader: Prof. Dr. Susann Fegter

Funding organization: DFG (individual research grants)

Project staff: Dr. Maxine Saborowski (research associate), Eszter Kadar (student assistant until 01/2019), Anika Maike Pfahl (student assistant from 02/2019)

Project duration: 09/2018-09/2019

Cooperative research project in collaboration with: Prof. Dr. Kim-Patrick Sabla, University of Vechta


2019Fegter, S./ Hontschik, A./ Sabla, K.-P./Saborowski, M., 2019: (Neu‑)Ordnungen von pädagogischer Professionalität und Geschlecht: Zur Vergeschlechtlichung von Professionalität im Kontext der Debatte um „mehr Männer“ in Erziehungs- und Bildungsberufen. In: neue praxis. Zeitschrift für Sozialarbeit, Sozialpädagogik und Sozialpolitik, 25 (3): 274–286.