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BMBF: National and International Cooperation in Teacher Education

BMBF project: Establishing national and international cooperation in teacher education at SETUB. Subproject of TUB Teaching 2.0 Subproject of TUB Teaching 2.0

 As part of the TUB Teaching 2.0 subproject "National and International Cooperation,” sustainable cooperations with universities both within Germany and abroad are initiated or developed. This will increase the attractiveness of teacher training programs at TU Berlin and our partner institutions by facilitating mobility and systematically integrating topics of interculturality and diversity into programs in an accessible manner. Internationalizing teacher training for vocational education and technical subjects in the field of work education presents a particular challenge, as the concept of thorough training for technical subjects at vocational schools is not widely established outside of Germany and only a few universities abroad train teachers for this type of school. In addition, students of vocational school teaching are often required to have extensive professional experience before studying, and in many cases have already started families or have other commitments tying them to a specific location. Structures based on the principle of mutually-complementary modules and recognition are initiated with the partner universities to promote student exchange in the long term. This facilitates the mobility of student teachers, increases the attractiveness of programs, and promotes the intercultural skills of future teachers through international exchange.

The following measures will be established to increase the attractiveness and quality of teacher training programs at TU Berlin for national and international students and raise student numbers:

  • An international, teacher training exchange program offered in close cooperation with strategic partner universities of TU Berlin based on predefined 30-credit point packages consisting of subject-specific educational science and subject didactic modules in English
  • An information concept on existing exchange, advising, and support services for incoming and outgoing teacher training students
  • A concept for an international summer school with a focus on vocational education and training, including the acquisition of external funding
  • An English-language module focusing on schools in international comparison as a national and international teacher training offer to expand elective modules at TU Berlin

Project leader: Prof. Dr. Susann Fegter  Project staff member: Christina Wolff
Funding organization: BMBF (quality offensive in teacher education)

Project duration: 01/2020-07/2022