General and Historical Educational Science with a Specific Focus on Gender, Technologies and Work

Preventing student drop-out: Empirically-supported development of measures for a diversity-conscious student retention in the vocational teaching profession (“Beste (Lehrkräfte-)Bildung für Berlin” special program)

As part of the SETUB strategy for coordinative qualitative development, the project creates data-based information about developing concrete measures for reducing the high drop-out rate among industrial-technical teacher training students.

The project examines the social and cultural barriers that impede students from successfully completing vocational teacher training programs at TU Berlin. Conclusions are then drawn from the findings to develop a diversity-conscious student retention strategy for SETUB and the State of Berlin. This is key to addressing both the high and unfilled requirement for industrial-technical teachers at vocational schools and the socio-cultural, gender-specific and economic differences regarding access to subjects and formats in teacher training programs, and to reduce the disadvantages certain students face.

Using a tried-and tested method developed in the TUB Teaching 2.0 subproject PROFI, group discussions are held with industrial-technical teacher training students. The discussions are then evaluated in educational and professional terms and analyzed regarding the social and cultural barriers the students experience during their studies as well as how these connect to social background, gender and other categories of differences. Based on the findings, concrete tailored measures are developed for both TU Berlin and the State of Berlin to reduce drop-out rates using a diversity-conscious approach as well as to increase the number of students graduating from vocational teacher training programs.

The project is funded as part of the Berlin Senate’s special program “Beste (Lehrkräfte-)Bildung für Berlin”

Project leader: Prof. Dr. Susann Fegter 
Research associates: Nick OelrichsMiriam Kost
Funding organization: Senate Administration for Higher Education and Research, Health, Long-Term Care and Gender Equality (SenWGPG)
Project duration: 02/2022-12/2022