General and Historical Educational Science with a Specific Focus on Gender, Technologies and Work
View of the TU Berlin-Building in Fraunhofer Straße © Oana Popa-Costea
Chair of Universal and Historical Education

The Chair of Universal and Historical Education focuses on technology, gender and the working world and covers the classic field of universal and historical education with the systematic inclusion of perspectives from gender and difference theory.

One focus of our work are cultural-analytical studies that examine orders of difference and inequality as constituting moments of education and childhood as well as educational professions. Related questions are investigated in the form of historical, international-comparative and qualitative-empirical analyses within the following fields:

  • Well-being in school and out-of-school educational spaces
  • Urban spaces and childhood
  • Child well-being in local and global contexts
  • Educational professions (pre-school, vocational school, social work)
  • Teacher shortage and career choice processes
  • Discourse analysis and subjectivization