Optoelectronics/Quantum Devices

Lecture "Applied Physics I/II"

Four hours of lecture per week with a final exam, with a focus on important topics of application-oriented physics:

  • Semiconductor technology
  • Physics of semiconductors and devices
  • Data and information communication
  • Photovoltaics
  • Transistors, integrated electronic circuits, nanoelectronics
  • Single-photon sources, semiconductor lasers, microlasers, nanophotonics
  • State-of-the-art technologies and measurement techniques

The course is offered as

  • Experimental optional subject in the master’s degree in physics
  • Compulsory subject in the master's program for the application-oriented degree in physics


Physics and electrical engineering students in their master's degree.

Parts I and II do not depend on each other, so they can also be taken in reverse order (starting with the summer semester) or individually.

Additional component of the module:

The lab course "Methods of Applied Physics I/II" is a mandatory part of the module (see link box).


  • as a compulsory subject for the application-oriented degree: 12 ECTS points (lecture with exam + lab course) per semester
  • as an experimental optional subject: 9 ECTS points (lecture with exam + reduced lab course) per semester



Organization name Optoelectronics/Quantum Devices
Room EW 560