Optoelectronics/Quantum Devices


Physics of Optoelectronics and Quantum Devices - Selected Topics


Being an application-oriented department, we focus on physics and the development of nanophotonic devices and applications. Of particular importance is understanding the basics of semiconductor devices and learning about fundamental and specialized manufacturing and measurement techniques.

In order to introduce this exciting and future-oriented scenario in teaching, we offer complementary courses:

The "Applied Physics" module consists of the lecture "Applied Physics" (link to the course catalog) and the practical part "Methods of Applied Physics" (link to the course catalog) as an integrated course. The lecture includes the entire portfolio, from the basics of semiconductor-based devices to current developments in the field of nanophotonic applications and the current state of research and development. The lab course runs parallel to the semester and contains an exciting compilation of fundamental and state-of-the-art experiments to convey the necessary tools for entering the R&D field of nanophotonics.

The colloquium  "Physics of optoelectronics and quantum devices" (link to the course catalog) that focuses on our current work and the current status of research and development. In particular, an insight into practical work and the handling of measurement results and their evaluation and interpretation is offered here.