Optoelectronics/Quantum Devices

tubLAN Q.0

BMBF-Joint Project - A quantum network in the centre of Berlin

As part of the tubLAN Q.0 project, a scalable, quantum-secure communication network is to be developed in the heart of Berlin. Both fiber-based and free-beam QKD link are to be used. Furthermore, mobile and easy-to-use quantum light sources based on semiconductors and innovative cryptographic protocols will be implemented. In this way, the project lays the foundation for high-performance quantum-secured communication networks in urban areas. The network will be used to demonstrate secure quantum communication between multiple parties.

The quantum network developed within the project takes into account the requirements of urban communication networks. For example, compatibility with existing infrastructure is taken into account, which will allow existing fiber optic networks to be retrofitted in urban environments in the future. The project is paving the way for the commercial integration of quantum communication technologies into existing urban networks for widespread application. This is a decisive step towards the commercial implementation of quantum communication technologies in Germany as a high-tech location. After the project, the quantum network is to be made accessible to interested users from industry and research in the medium term. In addition, further quantum networks are to be established in other German cities. In this way, the project is making an essential contribution to the development of quantum communication infrastructures and thus to the technological and digital sovereignty of Germany and Europe.

Quick Info

AcronymtubLAN Q.0
Project startJuly 2022
Funding sourceBundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung (BMBF)
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