Optoelectronics/Quantum Devices


Quantum dots for photonic quantum information technologies

We are currently on the brink of a second revolution in quantum science, where quantum engineering based on the direct use of fundamental quantum mechanical capabilities such as superposition and entanglement promises entirely new technologies for society. However, the lack of scalability of quantum information (QI) technology remains the fundamental technical challenge preventing most QI technologies from becoming reality - a critical bottleneck for which a new generation of researchers is urgently needed. At QUDOT-TECH, we are building from semiconductor QD - the most mature QI technology - and proposing a solution to the scalability obstacle in the form of a quantum network based on QDs efficiently coupled together using optical waveguides. We will develop the world's first platform for fully integrated on-chip QI processing, a cornerstone potentially equivalent to the silicon transistor in the first generation of quantum devices.

To this end, we have brought together the best European academic and industrial partners to train 15 Early Stage Researchers (ESRs) at an outstanding level where they can act as Europe's future leaders in QI technology. The QUDOT-TECH ESRs will provide a much-needed link between academia and industry and make the new technology widely available through one or more spin-out companies - ultimately helping Europe to lead on a global scale.

Quick Info

Project startJanuary 2020
Funding SourceEuropean commission (H2020-MSCA-ITN-2019)
Funding ID861097
Project informationQUDOT-TECH Webpage