Optoelectronics/Quantum Devices

Einstein Research Unit "Quantum Devices"

Berlin University Alliance Joint Project

Integrated quantum photonic circuits (IQPCs) are central units for implementing quantum functionality in a compact and robust architecture. Similar to the development of integrated electronic circuits that led to the unique success story of digital electronics, the realization of IQPCs has a high potential to revolutionize quantum information processing and quantum computing. In addition to the long-term goal of developing a worldwide network of distributed quantum computers - the quantum internet - current research activities are primarily aimed at demonstrating the quantum advantage.

In this context, fully integrated and scalable IQPC concepts become relevant to exploit the full potential of integrated quantum photonics. A very promising approach for this is IQPC with deterministically integrated on-demand quantum emitters. Against this background, the overall goals of the project are to develop scalable integrated quantum photonic chips and to demonstrate their quantum functionality in an integrated boson sampling experiment.

Quick Info

Project startOktober 2021
Funding sourceBerlin University Alliance (BUA)
Project informationERU-QD Webpage